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Gemology Center

Minerals have long been the focus of gemstones. The reference to gems in ancient writings and the existence of ancient scientific works about gems are evidence of this attention in ancient Iran.

In today’s world, the high volume of gemstone trade reaches several hundred billion dollars a year, but the development of the gemstone industry in the country has been done traditionally and therefore has not been able to have a significant share of world trade.

The development of this industry requires the entry of scientific departments in the field of providing technical and specialized services in all aspects of precious stones from their exploration, processing, manufacturing and trade.

To meet this need, several units in the private sector have tried to study gems in recent years, but scientific studies have not yet found their proper place in this business; Therefore, gemology activities in Shahid Beheshti University (SBU) began in 2013 as the establishment of a technology unit called the Institute of Gemology of Iran. Following that, the Gemology Center and then the Gemology Center of SBU started their activities in the Faculty of Earth Sciences.

The Center for Gemology started its activities in 2015 with the support and definition of master’s theses and is currently recognized as a reference scientific center in the country by using the potential of different departments of the university, industry and private sector.


The activities and services of the center are predicted in several sections, which are as follows:

Research services

The development of the gem trade requires the use of new methods in the production and processing of gems. The Gemology Center has devoted an important part of its activities to research, support and research projects related to precious minerals and stones. In this regard, so far three master’s theses related to gemology have been completed and three other dissertations are underway.

The center has considered the following research priorities:

​Research in making artificial samples of stones according to foreign samples

  • Research in recognizing new strategies to increase non-oil exports and develop the export of precious stones and the prosperity of the jewelry and precious stones industry
  • Presentation of new methods in the field of exploration and extraction of mines in order to preserve natural resources and specialized extraction of precious and semi-precious stones
  • Genetic studies for the search and development of precious and semi-precious stone mines
  • Study of improvement methods in order to create added value in the country’s ores
  • Evaluation and study of the country’s mineral potentials
  • Design and production of devices related to gemology and related sciences