Earth Sciences

Sustainable Development of the Geographical Environment

The geographical department of SBU with 45 years of experience and 30 full-time and specialized faculty members, tries to play its part in training knowledgeable and capable geographical experts in the country’s educational and research system.

The scientific center of the geography department was established in 2000 as the scientific center of “urban and rural geography” and began its activities in the fields of education, research and administration in 2001.

The activities of the scientific center of sustainable development are introduced in three periods:

The first period of center’s activity ended with the presentation of a report during the years 2003-2005 and the proposed programs of 2006.

The second period of activity began from 2006 with a specialized approach, with the new title “regional applied geography pole” and with the focus on regional and territorial planning in Iran. It continued until 2008 in the framework of pole programs to produce science and expand knowledge frontiers.

With the beginning of the third period of the activity of the scientific poles of the country, the Department of Geography of SBU can organize and guide plans, studies and programs related to sustainable environmental development and theorize and model in order to integrate regional studies programs and plans.

Major Goals:

  • Training specialized and committed geographers
  • Conducting studies and sustainable geographical development related to the regions of Tehran
  • Applying technology related to geographical studies
  • Achieving the latest findings and theoretical-technical and software achievements
  • Participating in urban management and planning and expanding the geography knowledge in the country

 Minor goals:

  • Helping to create a scientific environment at the department, faculty and university levels
  • Establishing a scientific and research documentation center in connection with environmental studies
  • Holding a workshop on sustainable development
  • Publishing the Scientific-Research Journal of Sustainable Development of Geographical Environment