Earth Sciences

Research Projects and Inventions

Part of the research projects and inventions of the Departments of Physical Geography and Human Geography and Spatial Planning


  • Biostratigraphy (framinifers and study of oxygen and carbon isotopes of Pabdeh and 53 Jahrom Formations in the area of​​Kazerun fault)
  • Comprehensive knowledge plan and strategies for development and security of the country’s border areas
  • National Rural Development Document
  • Joint project of the Faculty of Earth Sciences of Shahid Beheshti University (SBU) and the University of Turku, Finland titled “Immigration and Urbanization in Iran” conducted in September 2017 in Iran
  • Vulnerability studies of Tehran-Gorgan railway axis against climatic and hydrological hazards, the Islamic Republic of Iran Railways
  • Potential studies of flood network vulnerability (excluding Bafgh-Kashmar and Tehran-Gorgan routes), the Islamic Republic of Iran Railways
  • Investigating the effect of land use on soil erosion and sediment production in Taleghani Watershed, Khorramabad using sediment sourcing techniques, Lorestan Regional Water Company
  • Comprehensive knowledge and strategies for development and security of urban and rural areas of the border areas of the country, the Organization of Municipalities and Rural Areas of the Whole Country
  • Investigating the social and cultural effects (ATAF) of the construction plan of the third and fourth lines of the Tehran-Karaj route
  • Investigation of the role of geomorphology in the extraction of oil resources in the Zagros of Kermanshah, the contracting party of the Ministry of Oil
  • Preparation of geomorphological maps of coasts, 1: 100000 sheets, Chabahar, Negor, Goater, Getan, Jask, Gabrik and Ramsar, Geological Survey of Iran


  • ​Suspended sediment sampling device, Tehran, Dr. Kazem Nosrati, patent date: 2014
  • Quantitative device for determining soil edibility in river environments, Dr. Shahram Bahrami, patent date: 2013