Earth Sciences


The library of the Faculty of Earth Sciences is located on the second floor and it was established in 1979 with an approximate space of 163 square meters. In the summer of 2014, the approximate space of this library was upgraded to 300 square meters including reservoir and study space. This library has books in the fields of geology, geography and remote sensing (in all relevant fields), and it has provided a space equivalent to the presence of 50 people.

The number of Persian books that are currently in the circulation and deposit cycle is more than 10,000 Persian books and 2000 foreign books that are available in the form of electronic cataloging.

 Activities performed in the library include the following:


  • Digitizing all books in the library
  • Collecting CDs of dissertations to electronize the repository
  • ​Collecting electronic resources with the help of the librarian and organizing these materials and sending them to the central library of the university. (In this regard, the library of earth sciences is one of the pioneers.)