Earth Sciences

GIS and Remote Sensing

The Center for Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System Research of Shahid Beheshti University (SBU) officially began its activities in 1999 with the admission of 5 master students in the field of remote sensing and geographic information systems with a focus on water and soil, and it was revived and renovated in 2003 in terms of space and educational facilities. The center currently has 8 full-time faculty members, 15 full-time students, 13 full-time students in Ekbatan Campus, and 107 graduates, the first of whom received a master’s degree in the summer of 2003.

This center has been able to sign contracts with various centers and organizations across the country, while providing comprehensive reports in various urban, regional and environmental fields and contributing to the country’s research achievements.

The center currently has a space of 750 square meters, four equipped classrooms, a remote sensing and GIS laboratory, a computer site and a separate room for doctoral students in specialized fields. According to the strategic policies of the center in the past few years, the admission of doctoral students has started since 1995. It is worth mentioning that the new building of the center is under construction on 4 floors with full facilities.​


Program Title


Entry Requirement

Remote Sensing and GIS ​Master ​Bachelor
Remote Sensing and GIS ​PhD